RC-0313 3U Rack Mount Server Chassis

Category: RAID

Description: The CCSI RC-0313 is ideal for a 3U rack mount RAID server system including SAN AND NAS applications with up to 15 hot swappable SATA, SCSI or IDE hard drives. The CCSI RC-0313 high capacity RAID server chassis offers either a single 460 WATT or 550 Watt power supply or optional 3X300 WATT redundant hot swqap power supplies [redundant power supplies STRONGLY recommended for RAID configurations] and 15 hot swappable SATA, SCSI OR IDE hard drives bays plus 1 slim floppy drive and 1 slim CD ROM drive bay. The CCSI RC-0313 high capacity RAID server chassis is cooled by 3 X 12cm intake fans and 1 to 3 exhaust fans in the power supply. The chassis is equipped with a lockable, removable front door. Standard or extended ATX single ATHLON, OPTERON or P4 and dual ATHLON, OPTERON OR XEON server motherboards are supported. Extendable rear support rails come standard and ball bearing slide rails are optional. Chassis d imensions are 27.75" D X 5.25"H X 16"W. CCSI sells the RC-0313 high capacity server chassis as a "bare" chassis or as a fully configured system, call or email one of our sales engineers for a custom configuration OEM SYSTEM MANUFACTURER INQUIRIES WELCOME


  • 16 Drive Capacity:
    • 1 x slim CD-ROM Bay
    • 15 x SATA or SCSI hot-swap drives
  • Built-in device monitor on the front
  • Accepts Motherboards up to 13" x 12" extended ATX
  • optional 4U 26" full extension slide rail
  • 3 x12cm fans as standard, 2 x 6cm rear fans optional
  • lockable front door with key
  • Power Supply options:
    • 2U 460 Watt fixed Power Supply
    • 3U Redundant 3 x 300 Watt Hot Swap Power Supply
  • 7 slots available for full-size expansion cards
  • External Dimensions:
    • 19" Wide
    • 5.25" tall (Standard 3U)
    • 27" deep

This system monitor panel is mounted at front center of chassis.
Panel Contents:
2 USB ports
2 LAN activity LED's
1 Fan Failure warning LED
1 Power LED
2 CPU temperature monitors
1 alarm reset button
Onboard audio alarm with speaker
Selectable CPU temperatures for activation of alarm
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